Thursday, April 26, 2012

Weekly Update - 13 Weeks

Yes, I realize that I missed some weeks. This whole "blog your pregnancy" thing was WAY easier before I had a 2 year old. Cut me some slack, ok? :) Also, we apparently suck at taking pictures, so please excuse the quality. 

How far along? 13 Weeks

Total Weight Gain: -4 pounds total (+9 from pre-pregnancy with Wyatt) I actually lost a little bit over the past few weeks. 

Maternity Clothes? I am in maternity full time now. If my pre-preg clothes fit me better, I'd probably still be ok. But I can't button anything, and I am not making THIS mistake again (check out the weekly wisdom section). I need ALL of my jeans to be in tact post partum, thank you very much.  

Stretch Marks? I have been very lazy. No vit-E regulation for me.

Sleep? I need less! This last week has brought a break from the exhaustion. I can't say that I'm energized, but at least I'm not falling asleep in my fruit loops!

Best Moment This Week: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Movement: Um.. maybe? I'm feeling really low taps.

Food Cravings: Ice cream. Mmm. Jamba juice. 

Gender: TBD! I'm feeling girl this week. I'm thinking about throwing a real live gender reveal party. Is that crazy? Thoughts?

Belly Button - In or Out? In. No change.

What I miss: Beer. 

What I am looking forward to: Starting to plan the nursery. I'm trying not to get too into it until we know boy or girl, but it is very tempting. 

Weekly Wisdom: You can't hide forever. I'm starting to look pregnant. Already. I haven't posted anything on facebook, or made the big announcement at work. People are starting to notice, and I'm realizing I am going to have to tell, sooner rather than later. Or maybe this time around I really CAN just show up with a baby in October. 

Milestones: Hello 2nd Trimester!! Pin It


Jaye said...

You make adorable baby bellies! This pregnancy is already going by so fast! I can't believe it's second tri time already. YAY!

PS I recognize that shirt ;)