Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dorothy Horton

Dorothy Horton was a lot of things. She was a sister, a wife, a mom, an aunt, a grandmother and an inspiration. She was my great-aunt, and while my memories of her are few, they are fond. She came from Washington DC to visit us, and I remember being excited to see her everytime because she always had the best shoes, and of course she brought me presents. I have a very clear memory of one of her visits. She and her husband Al had just arrived. from the airport, and hadn't even settled in yet. I gave them both bug hugs then went running. They came in a few minutes later and I had taken all of Dorothy's high heels out of her suitcase and was trying them all on. My mother never wears heels, so I'm sure that it seemed very exotic and special to me. Every year after that, she always brought lots of extras with her. I thought that at the time. That she and my mom were very different people. If you don't know, my mom is a true-to-the-bone birkenstock wearing, bra-burning, feminist hippy. No make up, no push up bras, no fancy shoes or hair-dos. Really a hippy. So my Aunt Dorothy always made me think of movie stars. I can almost remember the smell of her perfume. Almost.

Dorothy Horton passed away this morning. I don't know all the details, but she was diagnosed with cancer while Scott and I were in Wisconsin last month. They went to the hospital for an X-Ray, and she didn't make it home. When they first heard the diagnosis, she was given three weeks.

Dorothy spent her last few days surrounded by friends, family and love. She was in her element, and at her happiest. She will be missed, and her absence will be felt deeply. Pin It


Kim said...

I'm sorry friend!

Alicia said...

:( So sorry to hear Mya

alie said...

im sorry to hear about this mya. she will live on through your memories.


Donna said...

That's a beautiful memory Mya and I'm truly sorry for your loss.