Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Email Conversation With Another Pregnant Friend

Our friend "L" is pregnant too. She is just about 10 weeks ahead of me. So right now she's almost 20 weeks. So far our pregnancies have been very different. L had HORRIBLE morning sickness for weeks and weeks. She lost weight her whole 1st Tri. I however, haven't been sick a day, so I've put on a little weight (literally 2 lbs). So this was our conversation (I'll c/p).

L: Mya – I just saw your picture on your blog… wowwwwwwwwww girl, you are showing more than me! It’s going to be interesting seeing you in 7 months, you will be like a balloon hahahaha…

Me: Thanks.

L: Thanks as in sarcastic thanks or thanks as in “thanks cause I want to show and get very big” lol..

Me: sarcastic. Would you like me to tell you how fat you've gotten?

L: (blank email)

Me: am I missing something?

L: Mya… u make me laugh.

L: No, I hit send by mistake before I wrote anything ( I was laughing too hard from your previous email). Btw, you are not fat, you are beautiful. Pregnant women are the most beautiful thing on earth.

:sighs: At least I am amusing. Pin It


Samantha said...

Girl, there is NO way you are bigger than someone who is 20 weeks in that last pic you posted! You don't even look pregnant there! I'm rocking way more bloat than that...and I had most of it before I even got pregnant! The only difference is I can't suck it in anymore. lol.