Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocky is home again.

They called, and he was ready to be picked up. I went and got him on him on my lunch break. Which I think is actually pretty fitting, since thats when we took him there. Now I need to get together with my dad to create his resting place.

Although, while I was waiting for his ashes, I noticed a sign on the wall for "Floramorial". I asked about it, and basically you send these people the ashes, and they send you back potting soil infused with your loved one. So you plant flowers (or whatever, I guess), and you have a living memorial. I guess they treat the ashes somehow so that they are actually absorbed by the plant, so he would literally be a part of the plant.

I don't know how I feel about this. A few things come to mind.
  • It seems just a little bit creepy now that I've typed it all out, although I do like the sentiment
  • What if someone knocked the plant over while vacuuming? We now have Rocky all over the floor, and he's gone all over again.
  • Lastly, and I think this might be the most convincing for me, I have a black thumb. If you like your plants, don't bring them to my house. My Mother in Law gave us a plant that she had for years. She swore it was the most hardy, low maintenence plant ever created. I killed that plant in less than a week. So chances are, I would kill the Rocky plant, too. I don't think that is something I would handle well emotionally.

So I guess its still an option. But I don't think we'll end up going that way.

P.S. You can do it with people, too...

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Scott said...

It's easy to kill a plant in a week when you leave it in the sun all day in the summer and never water it....

Lisa said...

Yikes...with my gardening skills (or lack thereof) I would be to scared I would kill the plant : ( I am like you, I kill any plant that comes to my house.

Glad he is back at home where he belongs though!

Jamie said...

Hope you are doing better. Glad Rocky is back home.