Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well... ****Updated - With Pics!!*****

Today I am 12 weeks. I had the NT Scan over lunch today, and I promise to add lots of pics later! It was great seeing the little meatball twist and turn, and kick and stretch. I wish this was the u/s that we find out which team s/he's playing for, but no such luck! Our tech did say she had a guess, but I"m keeping that to myself! I will spill her prediction after the poll is down. Maybe even on the day of our BIG u/s, just so we can all see if she was right or not. So for now, VOTE!!!
Something is funky, and it keeps only saving this photo. I'll get more later.
Anyway, today I am 12 weeks. Hmm. I still haven't told anyone new. But I may email my HR. Lord, give me strength!
***Oh, and of course, s/he was still a baby, not a weird cyst after all. I know I was keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering!! :)
****and speaking of cysts, my real one (as opposed to the imaginary one from my nightmares) has continued to get smaller!
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Sara said...

Looks like "meatball" measured ahead! Congrats!

Jamie said...

I am so excited! I love seeing the ultra sounds photos! S/He is looking so cute.

I am glad the cyst is getting smaller.

Congratulations to you and Scott!