Monday, May 18, 2009

And the word is:

Risk for Downs and Trisonomy 13,18 - 1 in 10,000! YAY!

Meatballs heartrate: 158 bpm

This was my first encounter with the Doppler. I have always said that I wouldn't buy a home doppler. I know that if for some reason I wasn't able to find the heartbeat one day I would seriously freak out. Today's dr appointment cemented that decision. The nurse was having trouble finding the heartbeat. She did, eventually, but I know that if that had happened to me at home bymyself, I would have freaked out!

Next Appointment/Ultrasound: Friday June 12th. Vote now!!! Pin It


Samantha said...

Hooray! Yay Mya! My 15 week appt. is on Thursday and I'm having the Quad screening done then as well. Was it just a blood test and then they give you the results later?

PeasOut said...

I think these were from the NT Scan I had at 12 weeks. She said she had the results from the Quad as well, and that they were normal. She didn't have the numbers in front of her, so I didn't make her get them. As long as I know we're normal/low risk, thats all I need! They did the Quad screen and the NT scan at the same time.