Friday, May 22, 2009


I discovered this morning that there is such a thing as a sympathy hangover. I had not one drop of alcohol, but my body feels otherwise. I have what I will call a pregnancy hangover. This is what happens when you keep a pregnant lady out til after 3 am, feed her crappy bar food, and not supply sufficient water. Blech.

However, last night was awesome! We had a rockin time! Everyone (including sober me) ended up on the bar. I had my first Non-Alcoholic beer (which, surprisingly tasted exactly like Bud Light), and later the girls started buying me "shots" of Sprite, so that I could at least cheers with them, even if I couldn't drink with them. Our bartender, Nate, was such an awesome sport. He was playing right along, and didn't cut any one off! Even when we all got on the bar.

We started out bowling. I threw 3 strikes! Unfortunately, one was on Colleen's turn, so I don't have proof. I took a picture of the score card (please note my final score) to document my awesome bowling skills.

Thats right. A whopping 56. Its unbelievable.

And a picture that sort of sums up my portion of the evening.

Aaaah. Near beer through a straw. A penis straw, of course.

We took so many other more awesome photos, but this is when my camera died... So I'll do another post when I get pics from Donna.

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Erin said...

Thanks for letting me know where you guys are staying! I'm so anxious to get home knowing that seeing you and Scott are's like the icing on the cake.

I can't wait to get to WI. So ready to be done with work for a bit. Next time I talk to you or Scott I will be at my mom's house!