Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Check!

Samantha made me realize that I needed to get my butt in gear on this hospital tour stuff. Seeing as next week, we are halfway done being pregnant, and those classes fill up fast!

So I have registered us for the following classes offered at the hospital we will (hopefully) deliver at.

Baby Your Baby
Because babies don't come with instruction manuals, we have developed Baby Your Baby, a newborn care class for first time parents or parents who want to brush up on caring for an infant.

Topics discussed include newborn skin care and bathing, breast feeding versus formula feeding and equipment needed for both, choosing the right pediatrician and what to buy for the nursery.

The Art of Breastfeeding
While breastfeeding is natural, it is also a learned art that takes time to master. This course is designed to support and educate expectant mothers about breastfeeding and its advantages. During the course, you will learn about:

: Basic anatomy and physiology of the breast
: Care of the mother
: Baby's cues
: Initiating breastfeeding
: Problem solving

Chilbirth Preparation Class
If you are a first time parent or if you have never attended a prenatal class, the Childbirth Preparation Course is for you. Offered in one, two, and four-week sessions, this course for expectant mothers and their coaches is taught by qualified obstetrical nurses and covers many aspects of pregnancy and birth, including relaxation and breathing techniques, and care of the newborn.

Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes and to bring two pillows to class. We recommend registering for the course before your fifth month of pregnancy and completing the series at least two weeks before your due date.

All of these classes will be completed by the end of September, and our hospital tour is scheduled for July! I think seeing the rooms, meeting the staff and taking these classes will really bring this pregnancy into reality. Pin It


Lisa said...

I took a child birth prep class before having kaylee and although it was very informational, all that shit went out the window when it came down to delivery time. LOL! Her dad kept saying "remeber what they said in the class, do this.." I was like "I dont give a shit what they said"... ahhhhh labor. But def. go!!! You will learn alot and it will prepare you for a lot of things.

Samantha said...

Lol, glad I could help! Sounds like we're taking similar classes! I think my tour is included with the childbirth class, so I'm guessing it will be in Aug/Sep sometime. I don't know when they do it with the class.