Friday, June 12, 2009

Appointment Recap

I got some new ultrasound pics, and I will upload them later. Now, I am tired.

Baby boy was just perfect! He was measuring a week ahead (still!) and in the 92%ile for weight (for anyone keeping track he's about 10 oz now). Dr says my blood pressure looks perfect, and I'm up 3 lbs from the last appointment. Didn't get a heartrate, but it looked good to me!

After the doctor we went to BRU and bought our son's first outfit! (Pics coming later) I love it! Then we went to dinner and Home Depot to get some new hardware for the dresser in the nursery. When we got home Scott sanded the dresser to get it ready for painting tomorrow. We also ordered our crib!! It's on sale at Walmart (ahem Samantha, we want the same crib - ON SALE!!) so I didn't want to miss it! Baby Mod Cadence in Ebony. Again, I'm tired so I'll add pics/links later. For now, I am enjoying the couch.

PS - we would love your thoughts on boys names!!! Pin It


Samantha said...

Seriously, they have it at Walmart too? How much?? Send me a link!

PeasOut said...

I don't have your email! I don't know what finish you wanted, but I did a Walmart search for the line.

If the link doesn't work, search "Cadence" in walmart baby. Right now they are $219 with free site to store shipping!

Erin said...

I'm all for traditional boys Bill or Joe or Jon. HAHA!

Samantha said...

Upload those u/s pics girl! I just posted mine last night. My little boy was measuring 19w1d (at 18w5d), so 3 days ahead, and he was 10 oz also!!!

Samantha said...

I think this is the one we had chosen, but they are almost identical!