Monday, June 1, 2009


I am dying. Naming your child is hard. The names I like, he doesn't. The ones he likes, I don't. The ones we can temporarily agree on, once we say it a few times, or add it to a list and come back to it, one of us no longer likes it.

How do people do this!!

Any suggestions are welcome! I can't promise that we'll use them! But I could use the help!! We have ruled out any name beginning with a B. Our last name (is not but) sounds like Broman. Pin It


Jenni said...

It is hard.. Thankfully we agreed on Tristan.. At first I was like EH.. but I fell in love with it.

I lovve LOVE different names so I will shoot you a few..

Kiera, Kyra, Paige, Alexis, Lexi,
Reese, addison, Ava, Evi, Emily, Emme, madelyn, Kenzie, Alexa(but spelt Alecza), Everly, Audra, cambra,kieran, ellery, siena or sienna

Kade or Cade, torin, liam, finn, keegan, brenden, korbin or corbin,talon, Gage, teegan, holden, cruz,

Okay so I went crazy, but I love baby names :0) hahah
Anyway - those are just a few of my favs..well more than a few...
good luck. Picking names is hard. Especially if you dont have, set in stone one's from the get go..
Hope some of those help.. but once you find one - you will know. it will just "fit".

Jamie said...

I am sure, once you find out the sex, it will be easier!

Jenni....cute names! There was a few on your list that I have on my imaginary list.

Katie said...

We want to have names picked out before I'm pregnant to avoid moodiness and fights. We have the first name picked out for a boy or girl and we have middle names that we can settle on if need be, but we're still thinking about middle names. It is hard! Good luck!