Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oops! I did it again!

Now, Please let you remind you again that I am a horrible photographer!
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Jenni said...

OMG MYA.. Stop!!! haha your not going to leave any for the rest of us to buy you.. :0)
my advice don;t buy alot of small things.. They grow FAST!!! some stuff Tristan had - he didnt even wear :( he just grew way to fast.. and if you can't stop yourself buy bigger things like for next year that will fit him because everyone will buy you all the small things.
Anyway - STOP!!! hahah

PeasOut said...

Lol I know! I only have 3 things in NB or 3 mos. Everything else is 6, 9 or 12. I hesitate to buy anything bigger than that, because I am very afraid Webster will be huge like his father was (longest baby ever born at that hospital - almost 23 inches at birth...) so I think he'll need the bigger stuff sooner. And right now I'd be buying 12 month stuff in fall season styles. Which may not work. So when he's here, and we know how ginormous he is, I'll start buying the bigger sizes. But I have mainly 9 month stuff now.

Samantha said...

Girl, you are out of control! Stop! People will buy you tons of clothes at your baby showers. haha. And everything you bought is SO CUTE! I want it all for Brayden!

Hey, do you know when they are doing the drawing for the Bump onesie exchange now? I know it got postponed, but I can't remember the new date.

PeasOut said...

August 1st, and we're supposed to ship them August 9th I think.