Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Thought of the Day

Did you know that Palmers Cocoa Butter actually smells like chocolate?

It kinda makes sense, as it says cocoa right in the name. But I was VERY surprised when I was putting my lotion on today.

I guess I expected coconut instead? Pin It


Stacey said...

i noticed that when i was pg with Colin. for some reason it surprised me too.

PeasOut said...

And its weird, not like real chocolate, but like the chocolate flavored chapstick you had as a kid.

Jamie said...

I shared a cubical with a guy that use to lather himself up with that stuff...cocoa butter....all effing day.

Samantha said...

Mya - I have the Palmer's Tummy Butter in the round metal tin, and I think it smells like cookies! Yum!

Jamie - ewww, that sounds creepy!