Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Update - 18 Weeks

**please ignore the creepy smile, we were in the middle of cleaning. ***
How far along? 18 weeks

Total Weight Gain: + 4 (-1.4 this week)

Maternity Clothes? Still Only to work. Although I got bit by a cleaning bug, and reorganized my closet and packed up all the pre-pregnancy clothes that I can't wear anymore. Wow, there is a lot more room in my closet! Oh, and I took the clothes I bought at Motherhood (ON CLEARANCE!!) out of the bag and hung them up.

Stretch Marks? Still nothing! I am continuing the oil regime, but I am noticing that my skin is slowly getting drier as the days go on. Stupid Arizona summer! I hope to pick up some cocoa butter today.

Sleep? Seriously, when does the exhaustion end? I am still tired all.the.time. I have stopped planning things for the afternoons because I am just so wiped out!

Best Moment This Week: Its a BOY!!!!

Movement: Nothing. The doctors have asked at my last two appointments if I'm feeling him move yet. I know he's in there kicking away, he just doesn't choose to let me in on it. :(

Food Cravings: Red Vines.

Gender: BOY!!

Labor Signs: Nothing.

Belly Button In or Out? Still in, but I think it's on its way out.

What I miss: Beer. Short shorts.

What am I looking forward to: Choosing a name!

Weekly Wisdom: Make him share the registry gun. :)

Milestones: We ordered our crib, and the nursery furniture just needs hardware! Scott is so handy!
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Erin said...


I'm so happy for you both!