Friday, July 24, 2009

What a week!

I am sorry, dear blogosphere, but I have been neglecting you.

Scott and I took Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. It was nice (despite the circumstances) to really be able to spend some real time together this week. We had literally five days in a row. Summer is such a busy time for us, that sometimes those quiet times doing nothing get pushed off.

Monday was the memorial service for Debi. It was beautiful, and she would have absolutely loved it. I have a few pictures (mostly of the flowers), but cannot upload them yet. They played a great slideshow, and even had a video montage of Debi's glory days in the clogging world.

Tuesday we found a pediatrician! I'm excited to bring Webster to Dr.S. Thanks Lisa P for the rec!

Wednesday we cleaned the whole house. Like hands and knees scrubbing the baseboards clean. I can only pray it will stay this way for a long time! I HATE cleaning baseboards!!! Pin It


Samantha said...

Are you and Lisa friend IRL?

PeasOut said...

Yep! We all met on theknot while we were planning our weddings. Half my blogroll are my Talkalatte girls!

Samantha said...

That's awesome! Do you guys live in the same area? What is Talkalatte? Was that the name of your group?

Scott said...

you didn't clean any baseboards....

PeasOut said...

I know. And if you read it again, you'll notice that I never said I did. Only that we cleaned the house, the baseboards got cleaned, and that I hate doing it.

You are a rock star. :) You cleaned the baseboards all by your self. Thank you.