Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I have been really boring lately.

I was just reading through the last weeks posts, and I realized I haven't talked about much of anything at all. I am so sorry dear blogoshpere. I will attempt to rectify the neglect.

I'm a little freaked out at "turning" 30 weeks. My mom was put on bedrest for both me and my sister, right around 30-32 weeks. With me she was told to stay flat on her back, only up to pee, and shower 2-3 times a week. Thats it. She stayed that way from 30 to 36 weeks. Her doctors told her, well, she's ok to come anytime now! And she delivered me at 38 weeks. After arriving at the hospital, my heart wasn't reacting well to contractions, and the natural birth plan my parents had went straight out the window. Emergency c-section.

With my sister, technology had advanced enough so that when she started spotting a 30 weeks, they had her on a monitor for uteran activity and house arrest only. Now the major difference here is with me, she stayed flat on her back. With Anna, she was on a more relaxed bed rest plan, and chasing a 6 year old. Her drs were relying on the info from the monitor to tell them what was going on. Her numbers weren't alarming, but she still needed to stay on light duty. At 32 weeks her placenta detached, and they both almost died. My sister spent weeks in the NICU and needed an almost an entire body blood transfusion. Very scary.

So, reaching the same point in my pregnancy that all of this was happening to her is freaking me out. Logically I know that placental issues are not hereditary, and that the fact that she had them twice is sort of a fluke on its own. But that doesn't make me worry any less. I'm pregnant, hormonal, and I already lean to the anal-over-prepared side of the spectrum.

So far through the course of the pregnancy I have worried (obsessively and unneccessarily) about the following things (in order):
  • ectopic
  • no heartbeat
  • rupturing my cyst
  • downs syndrome/chromosomal anomoles
  • not really a baby, just a cyst (thanks dad)
  • he is now a she (thanks dad!)
  • placental detachment
  • giant babies
  • gestational diabetes
  • placental detachment
  • giant babies
  • gestational diabetes

*yes, I worry about those last few a lot*

I'm a big giant ball of worry. And now that we've hit this unlucky milestone of sorts, I am officially freaked.

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Samantha said...

Girl, stop worrying! Embrace it...we're at 30 weeks! We're in the 30's! It's the home stretch (almost)! Baby shower time! Washing clothes and finishing the nursery time! Only a few short more weeks until our babes can come whenever they want! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! :) :)