Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Then and Now

So now that we are firmly in the third trimester, starting the eighth month, and literally 4 weeks from "full term" I thought it might be fun to take a glimpse at where we came from.

Here I am at 4 weeks pregnant. In my favorite sweater. ::sigh:: I miss my sweater.

And here I am today, at 33 weeks.

I have been hearing a lot about how big I am getting. Trust me. I know. I FEEL big. But thanks for reminding me.

I am a little surprised at myself though. I never imagined that getting bigger would bother me. I wanted this. I wanted to be pregnant. I waas constantly checking to see if I was showing yet. However, now that we've entered the Home Stretch per se, I miss being me. I have started noticing girls who are built like I used to be. And it kinda hurts my feelings. This is a weird place for me to be. I have been sooo lucky in that I haven't had to fight to stay in shape. The years of dance created a strong core that kept me pretty trim, with very little maintainence from me. I'm not used to being jealous I guess. Sure I noticed other people, but in a much more abstract way. Now, I actively notice them. I can't wait to look like me again.
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Samantha said...

People are ALWAYS going to say how "big" pregnant women are. They have no class. I hear it all the time too. I think our bellies are about the same size, although you were waaaaay tinier to begin with. :) You'll have that bod back in no time, don't worry! But I'm with you on just missing my old body. Even though I was overweight when I got my BFP, it was just so much easier to move around back then!

Lisa said...

There it is...the torpedo!! Love it!