Sunday, October 18, 2009

101 in 1001 - Goal #15 COMPLETE

Goal #15 - Try 10 new restaurants (7/10) I will update this post as we go to more restaurants, and link back to it as we go along!

#1 - 10/16/2009 Market Bistro
We went to Market Bistro on Thunderbird for lunch before the wedding. It was ok. The food was geared toward the fancy side which is not really my style. I prefer simpler sandwiches, and I've never liked them hot. That being said, service here was EXCELLENT! The staff was friendly and accomodating. They took my request for an off the menu sandwich in stride, and didn't even hesitate!

All in all, I probably won't eat there again, but if you like that style of food then you should definately check it out!!!

#2 - 11/18/09 Buffalo Wild Wings

I met Lisa for lunch today, and I told her to choose where to eat, so that I would branch out from my (very delicious) routine of sandwiches, sushi, Sauce (lather, rinse, repeat). She picked Buffalo Wild Wings since she hadn't been there either! It was super yummy! They had so many wing sauces to choose from, and they even let us taste a few (ok, a bunch) before deciding. I am a wuss, so I went with the mild (which still had some kick!) and Lisa got the medium. We also had them bring a side of the spicy garlic as well. Yum yum!
I actually really liked it there. Our server was great, no one looked twice when I nursed Webster (under my hooter hider, of course) and the food was perfect! I'll be going again for sure!

#3 - 12/07/09 San Gabriel Mexican Cafe

Scott and I went to San Gabriels for lunch. It was almost completely empty! We were surprised. The chips and salsa were yum yum!! Service was a little slow, especially since there were only like 3 tables, and I asked for a straw for my drink and ended up getting it myself. Scott got the chicken fajitas (his go-to choice when we eat Mexican) and liked them, and I got a chicken chimichanga (enchilada style). I was not 1000% happy with my chimi, but that has more to do with me being picky (I don't like tomatoes, and the chimi was full of them) than the quality of the food. Overall, everyone was very nice, but I don't think I'll go there again.

#4 - 12/12/09 Delux Burger

I went to lunch with Lisa again today, and we tried Delux Burger. It was fabulous! I highly recommend this place. It is a little on the pricier side (my Burger was $9.50, and didn't come with fries) but it was totally worth it! The best part, was the fries. You order them "a la cart" and they come with this AWESOME sauce. Casey (our wonderful waiter) said it was made of mayo, sour cream, garlic, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and black pepper. It was so good we put it on our burgers! And our fries literally came A la Cart!! How fun!

#5 03/19/10 On The Border

Scott and I went to On The Border to ccelebrate our anniversary. It was good! We eat a lot of Mexican food, but we were impressed with the chips and salsa, but especially the service. We brought Wyatt with us, ane everyone was super accomodating! I had carne asade tacos (a craving left over from our trip to Mexico!) and was pleasantly surprised at how authentic they seemed. I also had a ridiculously good margarita with sangria drizzled on top. I was punchy from just one. Yum!!

#6 03/27/10 Weinerschitzel

I went with Colleen to Weinerschnitzel  and it was actually really good! Its similar to DQ in both menu and atmosphere. I ordered a chicken corn dog, and it was great! I would def go there again if I was in the area and needed a quick meal.

#7 04/03/10 Sushi Roku - Las Vegas

While in Vegas, we wanted to get dressed up and have a nice dinner. Following the recomendation of Jamie and her husband, we headed to the forum shops at Ceasars Palace for Sushi Roku. It was fab! I'm a HUGE sushi fan, as you probably know, so I wanted to try something that was more unique to the restaurant. I had the Katana roll (tuna, yellowtail, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura) which was amazing! There is a Sushi Roku in Scottsdale, so you don't have to go all the way to Vegas for good sushi! My only complaints would be the price (dinner for 4 was over $150) and the lack of selection for beer (the only light beer they carried was Amstel Light or Kirin Light).

#8 04/09/10 City Market - Biltmore

Today was the grand opening of City Market a the Esplanade. My office is literally in the same building, so we were very excited for it to open! And we were not disappointed! My sandwich was delish! The prices are comparable to Paradise Bakery (sandwich, side and soda was $8.99) but the portion was bigger. Hello leftovers! They also have wraps, salads, breakfast and burgers! Yum!

#9 05/02/2010 Five Guys - Paradise Valley

I went to lunch with Lisa (I seem to do that pretty often, half of my new restaurants were with her!) and we headed to Five Guys for some burgers and fries. Delish! I highly suggest you give them a try!

#10 (date unknown) - Tokyo Lobby Sushi

It seems fiiting that I should end this on a lunch with Lisa! We went to Tokyo Lobby  and it has become my absolute favorite sushi place! My favorite roll is the orgasm, and I don't want to ruin the fun. Just take my word for it, and go get one!

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anna said...

i love buffalo wild wings! i actually miss it :( my friends and i used to go there every thursday night in flagstaff, cause wings are even cheaper then and they dont card lol. im glad you liked it!

Jenni said...

BWW Rocks my world!! I love that place.. I went there with my BFF in OK, when they didn;t even have them out here yet.. SOO GOOD!! Then John and I went that weekend I found out I was prego.. YUM!! :0)
BTW- where the heck was my invite??? Jerks.. ;(

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Yum! I miss BWW, they dont have them out here :(