Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Month Old Today!

We survived the first month!

I don't have any updates, we go to the pedi tomorrow, so I'll update weight stats then. For Wyatt anyway. All I know is he is still in NB size clothes (Carter's sizing, of course). Oh, and still in disposable diapers, as his little heiney is still too small. I'll be sure and post when we switch to cloth!

We are still BFing, although there have 3 occasions we needed to give him a bottle. But he has never had formula! I feel like we are off to a great start! I really wanted to wait until 6 weeks to give him a bottle, but life doesn't always work the way we think it will. But so far we haven't had any issues with confusion between the bottle and the breast. Hopefully this means we will have a very easy transition to mainly bottle when he goes to daycare.

He is no where near sleeping through the night, but we are starting to get 3 hours in between feedings, and he just gets easier and easier to put back to sleep!

We are starting Tummy Time this week. I asked his Dr when he reccommends starting, and he said to wait until 4-5 weeks since they have so little awake time in the early days. My goal is to get him down on his tummy for 5 minutes each hour that he is awake. We'll see how well it goes!

Things we can't live without:

  • Carters receiving blankets - I like the size of these better than the other brands.
  • Pack N Play with newbord napper - we haven't used the bassinet part yet, but it seems like he sleeps better in the napper than he does anywhere else (except on us, of course!)
  • Cradle - he sleeps in his cradle in our room for now. The "plan" is to transition him to his crib (upstairs) when he's down to one or two feedings per night. Theres too many stairs to move him now.
  • Boppy - I only really use it at night, but I love this thing! I use it not only to position him, but I can balance my sudoku book on it too!
  • Mei Tai/Moby - I am not comfortable walking the dogs while carrying him, and its just too much work to get out his stroller everytime I need to walk them. Wearing him is a perfect solution! I am excited for when he gets a little older and I can wear him when I go out places too. Right now he sleeps too much, and I don't want to wake him just to wear him when I can carry his carseat.
  • Swing - We don't use it too much (I don't like the idea of just parking him somewhere), but in reality dishes and laundry need to get done, and dinner needs to be made. Wyatt likes it, but I try and do these things while he's sleeping. And honestly, its a safe place to set him down if I need two hands.

Waste of my money (won't get next time)

  • Itzbeen - I don't know if I'm just an idiot, but it was too tricky for me to figure out how to use it efficiently. I keep a notebook by the side of my bed, and track it that way. It works well for me, but I only log at night. I'm too tired to try and remember all that.
  • Mittens - We never used them. We just try and keep his hands away from his face. So far its been working. He really only scratched himself the first couple days.

Things I wish I had:

  • Graco Snap N Go - I wish I had one. Almost everyday that we go out, I miss this thing. I find myself carrying the carseat more often than not, since my travel system is huge, and not conducive to trips to the County Recorders office for his birthcertificate or to using in a restaurant instead of setting him in the booth (which by the way, are never quite wide enough).

I actually think thats it. If I think of anything else I'll let you know!

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Stacey said...

I agree the snap and go is the best thing EVER! So glad I skipped the travel system. And I didn't use Colin's swing much at this age either but when he gets bigger it was nice, it was a calm place for him to be and play while I was doing something. And it could calm him down when he was fussy. A lot of times when nothing else would!

Jamie said...

Wow! One month! Time has FLOWN by.

Samantha said...

My milk supply is low due to my anemia, so we've been supplementing with formula, and Brayden does GREAT with going back and forth from breast to bottle. I recommend The First Years Breast Flow bottles if you are pumping. My lactation consultant recommended them too. They have a similar let down response like the breast.

I LOVE my Itzbeen timer...all you do is push the button and you know how long it's been since the last feeding, diaper change, etc. We haven't figured out if we want to keep track of awake time or sleep time, but I love it for the feeding feature. I can never remember what time he ate last, and I got so tired of writing things down.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your little one! They are so precious. I'm a new mom as well, I have a 3 month old little girl, it is so crazy how fast they grow. It seems like I was pregnant forever! Now that she is here the time just flies by. Enjoy your baby!