Friday, November 6, 2009

One Week (yes, I'm late - cut me some slack)

So here we are at one week old. I'll give some updates on the Little Prince first, then we can talk about recovery.

We had our first pediatrician appt yesterday, and it went really well! I didn't get all the numbers, but he weighed in at 7 lbs 2 ozs. His circ looks perfect, and the dr was impressed with his head control. His cord looks like its healing really well also. So yay for healthy babies!

Breastfeeding is going well. His latch improves a little everyday, and while I have to admit that yes, it is painful, it really only lasts a second. Once he gets latched on correctly, it doesn't hurt anymore. My milk came in a couple days a go, and that has made a big difference! So for those of you reading who are apprehensive about trying to breastfeed, I think its totally worth it. Especially on nights like last night. Wyatt was up almost every hour "hungry". He would latch, eat for 5 minutes and fall asleep. Every time I would put him back down, he would wake and fuss. Yes, it would be awesome to trade feedings with Scott, but I cannot imagine having to actually get up and make a bottle every few hours. Talk about easy!

And now, what you really want to hear about. Recovery. Or not. If not, now would be a good time to hit that "back" button. :) I debated about posting my weight (rather than +/- numbers) and I decided that this blog is also to help me document this whole experience. So my weight will be included. No snide remarks, thank you.

Weight Loss:
PrePregnancy weight - 111

38 weeks - 141 (total gain of 30 lbs even)

1 week post partum - 122
(photo was taken at the hospital at discharge. when Scott gets home tonight, I'll have him take an updated pic.)

Left to lose: 11 pounds

Overall, I feel pretty good. My main complaint is that I think I bruised my tailbone while pushing. Which makes sitting, leaning, laying down etc very interesting. It gets a little better everyday, but not by much. I have a feeling that this will be the longest lasting effect of delivery.

I had a second degree tear that needed stitches. I asked how many and she said she doesn't count, and its a running stitch. So there you go. There is definately still pain in that area. Its worse at night, but nothing unbearable. I was on hydrocodone every four hours in the hospital, and I switched to Motrin when I got home. They gave me a prescription for more Lortab (which I filled, just in case) but it sits unopened on my nightstand. I figure if I tear a stitch or something I'll be glad I filled it!

Other than that, things are looking up! If I left anything out, ask a question in a comment, and I'll update the post with the answer!
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Jenni said...

OW,, way to go on the weight loss and the 11lbs will fall off in like a week especially cause your nursing!!

I can't wait to see you guys on Sunday.. :0)

Samantha said...

Congrats on losing so much of the weight already! Can't wait to see an updated 1 week pic. What does the belly feel like now? I can see that a few days post-partum, it looks like about a 4 month belly. Does it feel like it's in the way like a preggo belly? Is it sore, or squishy? Sorry, just curious! :)

PeasOut said...

Samantha, its totally squishy! lol. So gross. It gets better every day, but right sfter delivery it was literally like a bowl of jello.

Not really sore, but I may have been distracted by the pain in my downstairs lol.

And size wise, I'd say its pretty close to my 20 or 21 week pics.