Friday, December 4, 2009

Drs Appt update

Weight: 10 lbs even (+2 lbs 10 oz since birth) 50th %ile
Length: 21.5 (+1.25 since birth) 50th %ile
Head: 25th%ile (I can't remember the number.. 27? Does that even make sense?)

Hold the phone! My baby boy is TEN POUNDS?? How on earth did that happen?!

Wyatts dr said that he looks great! Right on track both physically and developmentally! He had the next Hep B vaccine today, and I can assure you, he did not like it. He took it like a champ and only cried for a minute though. I felt so bad!

All in all, things are good! We were told that we should see smiles soon, and that he may start sleeping through the night in the next few weeks as well. That would be just great! Where do I sign up? Pin It


Jenni said...

WOWZA's :) 10 pounder.. Woot woot.. Thats a good eater for sure..
and umm Dear Mya.. Wyatt's head is not no way 27 in.. hahah it might be like 10-13?
T's was 18 at 12 months.. :))

Too cute. More pics please.. Thank you much..

PeasOut said...

lol Jenni. I think it was 27 cms, not inches :)

Jamie said...

Holy crap! What are you feeding him? =)