Saturday, December 12, 2009

I got an award!

I was given the Honest Scrap Award by Stacey.
So this means I have to share 10 Honest Facts about me, and then pass the torch to 7 other bloggers!
  1. My left index finger is double jointed, I can bend it back to touch the back of my hand.
  2. I have been known to cry at just about anything - tv shows, movies, commercials, songs on the radio.
  3. I wear a bracelet on my right wrist that says "forgiven". I never taken it off in the 6 years I've had it.
  4. One of my biggest regrets is not contiuing to college right out of high school. I feel like (career-wise) I have wasted the last 8 years of my life.
  5. I own almost every book ever written by Nora Roberts. Its kind of an obsession.
  6. I could watch (and do) NCIS for hours.
  7. I grew up in a rough part of town, people were shot in my driveway, the house next door was a meth lab, and the neighborhood was run by gangs. My parents made sure I went to schools outside our district, otherwise, I think I would have been sucked into that life.
  8. I roll my eyes at everything my husband says.
  9. I always aspire to be greater than I am, but always fall short (or feel like I do).
  10. Deep down, I truly do feel unworthy.

Alright ladies! Its your turn!!








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Stacey said...

Holy Moly, I love NCIS too! And I feel the same way about aspiring to be great. I think most people feel that way, especially at our age, or at least I hope so.

Jamie said...

10 things where actually difficult to come up with, but I prevailed!