Monday, December 7, 2009

Lets talk about my "unmentionables"

This situation is getting out of hand.

The day we got our BFP, I fit happily in a 34C from Victorias Secret. I LOVE their Very Sexy line, and was pleased as punch when I found it years ago, since this was the first bra I'd really ever been able to find that actually FIT me when I was stil in As and Bs.

By 8 weeks, I noticed that my bra wasn't fitting correctly all of a sudden. So off to VS I went to get measured. Holy moley, 32D. I never in my life thought I would fit into a D. I literally wore an A until I was about 23. I magically grew to a B right around then, and slowly filled out a C by the time I hit 25.

The more pregnant I got, I noticed that my chest was keeping up with the bump. I thought to myself that there is no way I am going to  keep paying for VS (though I love them so much!) if I need a new bra each trimester. So at 28 weeks I headed to Target, and tried a few on. Lo and behold, 34DD. Yes, a DOUBLE D cup. I thought a D cup was bad! Just FYI, DD is the largest cup size VS even makes. So....

At around 34 weeks, I realized that I was going to need a nursing bra. So I bit the bullet and bought one online, in one size up. For those just skimming the post, that brings us up to a 34 E cup. I really don't have the vocabulary to express how surreal it was to order a 34 E. I thought there was no way my life was going to get any weirder (in regards to my bra size, of course).

Until I outgrew that bra.

When I headed to the Motherhood Maternity outlet near me I discovered they don't carry my size. So I packed up my son and crossed town to Destination Maternity. They were helpful, cheery, polite and knowledgeable. I can't say enough about how great the staff was there. It really helped take the sting out of my purchase. Yes, faithful readers, I am the (not so) proud owner of a 34 F nursing bra. Where has reality gone? Pin It


Patty said...

holy crap woman!

Jamie said...

Your boobs are taking over the world! Look out!!!

Nicole said...

holy boob growth! mine stayed the same size until my milk came in! :P

anna said...

oh my gosh sister! how is your back not killing you??

Delia said...

I've been following your blog for awhile but this is my first comment. I'm 13 weeks along and was already well-endowed to start with. I started a size DD, I'm now into an E, and after reading this, am I littler bit terrified of where I might be when this is said and done!

PeasOut said...

Delia, get to the nearest Destination Maternity (or Pea in a Pod etc) and talk to the ladies there! They were so helpful!

Hopefully your growth stays under control! :)