Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 Months Already?

I can't believe Wyatt is already almost 5 months old! Time is just flying!

He is all smiles, and is rolling all over the place. His favorite place to be (other than cuddling, of course) is his jumperoo. He will happily bounce like a maniac for over half an hour. He is getting better and better at sitting up, but isn't anywhere near doing it all on his own yet. But we're working on it. He has outgrown all his 3 month clothes. The 6 month fits great lengthwise but he's got som room to fill out. At his 4 month check up he was 25th%ile for weight and 75th%ile for lenght. Long and lean, just like his daddy! He is still up at least twice a night to eat, and most nights he still sleeps with us. I haven't gotten a full nights sleep in 6 or 7 months, and its beginning to wear on me. Wyatt and I both sleep better when he's in with us.

As of now, he has still been EBF (exclusively breast-fed) but tonight that changed.

 Our first attempt at solids (rice cereal) went pretty well! I plan to add it to our routine this week, and then send it to daycare next  Monday.
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Sara said...

Hey! We're just about going through the same thing! I seriously just wrote about the whole EBF/cereal thing the other day. I'd love to know how you worked that out with your working/pumping schedule...

anna said...

oh wow look at how big he is getting!! i cant believe it! solid food already? such a milestone! im glad everything is going so well!!

Jamie said...

It is amazing on how much he has changed!! Too cute!