Monday, June 21, 2010

The Hair

Well, the haircut that got the most votes was #4 by a landslide.

I had an appointment this weekend with Alex Billingsley. Who I officially love, by the way. He was talking to me about the Brazillian Blowout hair straightening treatment. While I was there, showed him the blog, and my options for  haircuts. I wanted his opinion as a professional. I asked him what he would recommend for my face shape and hair type, and he said he wouldn't cut it. He said that he would like to change up my layers and by adding some shorter ones around my face it would give me more definition and movement. So I think I'm going to try that before making the move to chop off a good two feet of hair.

So that is the plan! I know deep in my heart that this haircut (#4) will be mine some day. But I think that at this point in my life emotionally, I need to keep my long hair as a tie to myself. It's so easy to lose "me" in this crazy whirlwind that is life and motherhood that I think keeping this one "me" thing will help keep me stable.
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Amber and Brian said...

I agree. I wouldn't cut it short. Plus that was actually my least favorite style on you. I liked option 5 better for a short cut.

Ashley said...

I definitely know how you feel! I have long hair, and I'm too attached to get it cut drastically any time soon. I agree that you shouldn't cut it off until you're totally ready! That haircut would look cute, all of them would, but I think what your stylist talked about sounds great!