Thursday, May 19, 2011

101 in 1001 - Goal #10 Completed

Goal #10: Cloth diaper for a year.

We have officially cloth diapered Wyatt for 18 months, and still going strong.

I love cloth diapering. I am so glad that we made this choice. It's simple, its easy, and it's friendly on the environment, and our wallets! I will say that we do use sposies (disposables) as well, but only at night, and while our AIO are in the wash. We use them at night because I haven't been able to find a cloth dipe that will handle Wyatts heavy night wetting. We use the BG 3.0 Organic OS AIO (Bum genius organic one size all in ones) and they are fab. The fit from 10 to 35 pounds, which means he will wear the same diapers until he is potty trained. And I was just thining the other day that they are in really good shape for being used and abused for 18 months!

Some of the benefits:
  • We have only had to change our diaper dekor refill once in 18 months (thanks Jaye!)
  • We buy one box of diapers every 3 months or so, rather than a economy sized box each month.
  • Wyatt has very ffew diaper rashes, and if he does get one, it is very easily managed, usually with just a little baby powder. But if we do need some diaper cream, I use Grandma Els. A little pricey, but totally worth it. I got a starter pack from Baby Steals before Wyatt is born. It came with a travel tube, a tub, and some baby wash. The baby wash went very quickly. BUT I haven't even used a quarter of the tub, and I even gave the travel tube to a friend who uses CDs! LOVE This stuff!
  • NO leaky diapers. The only time Wyatt leaks through a diaper, is at night, but he's out for 8 hours, and a heavy night wetter.
The list goes on, but my time is short. Moral of the story, I am so glad we decided to try this, and we will do it again with the next one!! Pin It


Jaye said...

I just got my Grandma Els in the mail this week! I'm hoping it works as well for us as it has for you!

Cloth diapering for the win!