Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coming together by leaps and bounds!

We have lots and lots of projects off the list!

I made Willow 2 crib sheets. This was actually easier than I thought it would be. A little daunting to think about, but totally doable. I used this tutorial. I highly recommend it. Crib sheets in anything except pastels or pink get pretty expensive. I bought a sheet set (twin sized) on sale for $14, and had enough fabric for 2 crib sheets, Willow's name letters and plenty left over for various projects. To get more than one crib sheet per adult sheet, I'd buy a full or a queen next time.. 

I also have yet another reason to add to the list of why I'm so glad I married an engineer. I told Scott that I wanted to buy this vinyl wall decal from etsy. He said that he really liked it, but he didn't want to spend the money. He'd rather paint it himself. Enter skepticism. 

Then, he came home from work with this. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how an engineer creates a paint by number. I was less skeptical, but not yet sold. This..

 turned into this. His declaration of "I'll just tape it off and paint it" hadn't inspired my confidence initially. Until I saw this. 

At this point I had full faith in my husband and his mad math skills.  I will say that part of the secret to success is taking the wall color (gray) and painting a rough coat just on the inside of the tape lines. This ensured that if any paint seeped under the tape, it would be gray, and we'd still have super clean lines. 

Wha-la! Wyatt has named her Susie, and has said that he wants to ride on her neck. 

I also finished all of Willows name letters! We still aren't sharing her name until she gets here, so I chose to photograph the most generic letter as my example. I used a mix of this tutorial and this one. I didn't use any brads, just teeny tiny little buttons, and I liked the layering.   

I also made 2 changing pad covers! I only have pics on one, but the other matches the 2nd hairbow holders. I used this tutorial which worked pretty well for me. I have the super thick contoured changing pad, and I wish that I had added an inch all around to compensate. I didn't however, because I am lazy, and it worked out just fine. I little snug, but it works!

One of the projects I was the most excited about is the crib skirt! This is one of the touches that makes this blue and yellow room girly, and I am so happy with how it came out!!

My mom was a HUGE help and I couldn't have done it with out her! I used this tutorial for the skirt itself, and this one for making ruffles on my Brother 1034D serger! This was literally 100000 times easier than the old school method of gathering by hand. More tutorials on that here , here and here. It isn't perfect, but neither am I, so I'm good with it. I figure it's just the crib skirt, and as long as it looks good at a glance it works! THere is a 3rd layer that is being hidden at the bottom. It's gray, and as we lower the mattress it will be easier to see. 

We also hung shelves, and put up decor. The next really big project is the dresser, but refinishing that will be a beast and I'm inpatient. so we taped off where it will go in the room, to get the shelves hung where we want them. I also wanted to be able to visualize the changing pad spatially. 

Here is the whole wall. As long as the shelves were up, I thought I may as well add the decor pieces that we already have. The empty shelf will be her name letters. 

The bird cage that was my color inspiration, I got it at Ross for $10 and I was soo excited! This is her first baby, sent from Aunt Jill in Ohio. I found this picture frame in the dollar bins at Target. Of course, the Sophie teether. Thanks Jaye!

Plenty of room for her name letters! These were from the same Ross trip, on clearance for $1.29! Every girl needs a little bling!
 I got these little pails from the Target dollar bins as well. The shelf is way too high, so nothing will be kept in them for now.  

Here is the whole wall, all together. I still need to add some white vases, and hooks to hang her headbands.

What do you think??

Projects left to complete:
  • closet doors
  • refinish dresser
  • hang paper lanterns
  • make mobile
  • quilt
  • finish vases
  • make curtains

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Anonymous said...

Love love love! So impressed with both of your skills! SarAh zim

Anonymous said...

Keep working ,fantastic job!