Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nursery Progress

We've made some real progress in the nursery! I'm sure that my husband is completely over hearing "can you do ____ this today too?". 

We went with a soft gray on the walls. I really want Willow's room to be peaceful and calming. Every time I walk into M's room at Lisa's or Aria's room at Jaye's, I get an immediate feeling of calm.  Wyatt's room is nice, but it will never be described as calm or serene. I need that in my life, and Willow's room is the only one under construction. 

Can we talk about how hard gray is? We literally had 10 samples on the walls. For you nit-pickers, yes, there are only 9 in the photo. That's because I hated 2 so much I painted over it with 3. 

We called in some reinforcements, and Scott, Todd and I got to work. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I love OIympic paint from Lowes! No VOC, so I could help too! Wyatt of course wanted in on the action too. 

I also worked on some DIY today! Ialready have quite a collection of hair clips for Willow, and being the organizational freak that I am, needed a system. I hear too much about how hard it is to keep them nice, and find matching pairs. I scoured the internet for a solution and this is what I have! I used this tutorial  minus the felt. Since I was using a cheap Ikea frame, I just hot glued the fabric right to the plastic. I figure this way will be easier if I ever want to switch it out.

At first I had it with the ribbon running right to left, but after looking at I decided I like it better up and down. I don't think we'll be hanging it, so I can set it on the shelf however I prefer when the time comes. 

 For now, it lives on the crib. Thats right! I said crib! My awesome husband also put together our crib! We got the Storkcraft Carrara in white. I wanted something a little more feminine for her, since we aren't doing traditional nursery colors, and I liked the curve of the leg. Plus, it was less than $200 so that doesn't hurt either. My photo doesn't really show what it looks like, so I added one from the internets as well. Putting this thing together was a giant pain in my tucas, and I literally cried. Add this to one more reason I'm so glad that I married an engineer!

I've also been organizing n the closet! Here you can see some sneak peaks to our color scheme as well. 

We are very lucky and blessed to have so many generous friends! Not only does Wyatt have his choice of the ladies, their moms have completely supplied Willow's wardrobe! Super huge thank you to Lisa, Colleen and Jaye! I only have new born (on the left) and 3 mos (on the right) hanging up, we just don't have enough space! I have one each of the big plastic storage bins for 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24/2T. It will be a long time before I need to go shopping!

Scott also hung Willow's new curtain rods today! It's a double rod, so we'll have the blinds, then a layer of blackout curtain (mainly for heat, not light) and then the decorative curtain as well. No curtains pictured yet, as we are sewing them ourselves and just haven't gotten that far. But I'll show you my DIY curtain secret.

Clips! Clips at the top mean not having to add grommets, buttonholes, hidden rod pockets or anything! Just a simple hem at the top and they are good to go. I got this rod at Lowes, and so far I love it! 

Oh, and we also got a kitty! This is Rebel. She's cute, and very playful. She also has what I like to call "vicious kitty razor claws" and I have the marks to prove it. 

Quick update on me. I'm up about 10-12 pounds depending on the day. 100% maternity clothes, and my boobs still terrify me. We're 23 1/2 weeks, so over halfway done! I'm officially the worlds worst pregnancy blogger, but here's a photo anyway. You'll have to excuse me, I'm on my way to bed after a very long and productive day. Not looking my best, but it's my penance for not taking a bump shot in oh, 6 weeks or so. 

There is still a lot left to do in the nursery. I'll be sewing up a storm for the next 2 months for sure. We need to: 

  • make crib sheets
  • make crib skirt
  • make curtains
  • make crib quilt
  • make name letters
  • refinish dresser
  • hang shelves
  • make/frame nursery art
  • resize/hang closet doors

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Amber and Brian said...

Looks great! Love the color, and especially that crib!!