Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of Preschool (Alternate title: How to make your pregnant mom cry in public)

Well, today is Wyatts first day of preschool. Keep in mind he's been in daycare of one sort or another since he was 3 months old. So we should be old hat at this. Not.

As Wyatt is creeping closer and closer to 3, we started to look at preschool options. We loved his current school, but I have been dying to get him into Montessori since before the dawn of time, so the hunt began. I found a perfect option for us, and have been slowly preparing myself for the transition for months. His new school is awesome. They have a sheep that lives there, Lulu.


They have a beautiful garden that the students help to tend and take nature walks in. What better way to learn about plants?


They also have tortoises and birds that the kids help take care of. What an incredible environment to be in!
So yes, while I am confident in the school, and in Wyatt's success there, that didn't stop me from turning into a giant blubbering mess.

He has been talking about his new school all week. We packed up his pillow, blankets, changes of clothes and a lunch box. He was so excited to carry it all in his "packpack" and kept talking about how he is going to eat all of his food at lunch. He put it in the fridge all by himself, and was happy to send me on my way so that he could explore unhindered. 

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Jaye said...

I think I'm going to start crying!
I can't believe it's time already. It seems like just yesterday we were scouting out schools for him!