Sunday, June 8, 2008

Aching Ovary Syndrome

Yesterday I had the pleasure of putting Ari to bed. Ari is the 4 year old son of one of my best friends, Aliza. He was the "flower boy" in my wedding, and is pretty much all around the best kid I've ever met. He is probably the happiest child I've ever known.

I had to stop by Aliza's to return some borrowed clothes (Thanks Again, Aliza!) and it was just as they were getting home from the movies. Ari spilled juice on his pants, so "Aunt Mya" helped him change into pjs and get ready for bed. After asking to watch a movie with me (can't sweetie, it's time for bed), "can you sleep with me?" (can't sweetie, I have to go to my own bed soon) "can you stay at my house for just one more minute?" (ok, one more minute...) "can you read me a story? pleeeease? (ok, one story). Well the one story turned into 4. How could I resist? At the end of each story he would give me hug, tell me thank you, and promptly choose another book. "this one?" (ok, one more) and crawl right back into my lap to cuddle.

Ari simply astounds me with his intelligence. We went to see his dance performance last month, and Scott was going to just meet me there. I joined Aliza and her family at Whataburger first.

When I arrived at Whataburger, I was greeted by a huge smile, and rapidly waving arms. He got out of the car, jumped up for a hug, and immediately started talking. "i have a dance show today! are you going to come to my show?!" (i sure am buddy, that's why I'm here) "oh thats great! I love you, Mya..." (oh, I love you too, Ari. You make my ovaries hurt kid) "why Mya?" (cause you're just too cute, that's why!) so he says to his mom "mom! I make Mya's ofarys hurt cause I'm cute!" which at this point, the whole family is cracking up.

After a few great hugs hello, we sat down to eat. A few minutes later, Ari is asking me where Scott is. The thing that really got me about that, was he's really only seen Scott a handful of times. The fact that he remembered his name, and knew that Scott "belongs" with me, and that he should be where I am really just boggled my mind.

So Ari is one (of the many) causes of Aching Ovary Syndrome. When I see children like him, I literally ache inside. I want a child so bad it hurts. Pin It


Michelle said...

Oh Mya that's a clever term for it!

My son is the same way. Very loveable and super smart. He boggles my mind as well.

Now my older daughter Alayna... you'd be scared to have kids if spent a whole day with her! She may be cute... but she is something else!

Ari is so handsome!