Sunday, September 14, 2008

And.... back to babies.

I haven't posted much about the baby fever and it symptoms since being In Wisconsin. I don't really have a good excuse/reason. I've really been just trying to get back into "Real Life Mode". So here it is!
My chart, in all it's glory.
I understand that to most of you, this is Japanese, so I'll tell you the highlights. The first row is the cycle days. The green ones are "fertile" days. The row under that tracks CM (you don't need to pay attention to that. I do, you don't. :) Moving on) Skip a row, and you'll see PM and AM. This is where you chart BD (baby dancing). **Side note, I think BD is just as ridiculous as you do. But I don't write this stuff, and it's the accepted acronym, so we'll play along** The goal is to BD on your fertile days to increase chnces of conception. Based on my chart, we BD'd 3 out of the 4 green days. So we had good timing this month.
Based on my O date FF calculated that if I still had no AF by today, I should POAS. Well, here we are at today. No AF and a BFN. My issue is this. My longest cycle (before now) was 27 days. My longest LP (luteal phase - the days between O and AF) was 15 days. Here I sit at cd 28 14 dpo. My O date may be inaccurate (it could have been cd 14, 15 or 16) because of our travelling in the beginning of the cycle. I missed some temps and woke up lae a few days too. HOWEVER. Even with a later O date, I'm still sitting at cd28. With a negative HPT. I have no AF symptoms, until this morning when my BBs started to get sore. I have high temps still. I don't know what is going on! I told Scott this morning "I took a test, it said no" his response? "Did you get your period?" no "Then fuck the test, what does it know?". He was still mostly asleep during this coversation. What does the test know? Really? It's a scientifically developed tool. HPTs are generally right. The only way this could be a false neg was if I O'd later than cd14 (which is possible) because I wouldn't have enough HCG to trigger a positive result.
Gah. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this. I'm just frustrated. If BFN, then where is AF? If no AF, why no BFP???!!!
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