Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back from the Doctor! **Now with Pics**

** actual size!**

**Sorry Jenni, no 4d this time! But I'll get one at my 16-18w scan!!**

Our little meatball actually looks like a baby! Last time s/he just looked like a little blob!

It has arms and legs now! S/he was kicking and stretching and waving their little arms around! It was so incredible to see!

We heard the heartbeat! It was just amazing. 158 beats per minute.

We are having a baby. Wow.
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Jenni said...

YAY!!! Did you get any 3d/ 4d pics?? I wanna see.. hurry hurry post.. :0)

Alicia said...

AWW! Yay for the little pea!

Lisa said...

For some reason it would not let me comment....anywyas love the pics, too cool for words!

Samantha said...

That's awesome! I'm so jealous that you got to hear the heartbeat. We weren't able to, but we saw it on the u/s. Did you hear it with the Doppler, or through the u/s machine? We didn't really see ours moving I'm worried that everything is ok!

Jenni said...

Hey thats okay, your in for some coolness when you get those.. It so weird but just so freakin cool..
I love the pics.. h/she is a little being.. I love it..

Jamie said...

It's a baby!! So cute!