Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drs Appt Today

Today is our follow up ultrasound to check on the cyst they found at 7 weeks. I am very excited to see the meatball again, but I am very nervous as well. Part of me still doesn't believe this is all real. I am afraid we're going to get there, and something will be wrong. I have very few symptoms. Sore boobs, tired all day, and I cried watching One Tree Hill this week. Thats about it. I have made it 11 weeks without throwing up once. While these things are wonderful, they aren't reassuring.

I am trying to think positive though! Nothing has happened to point in that direction. No spotting or cramping or anything scary like that. So, until someone tells me otherwise I am almost out of the scary first trimester! Pin It


Samantha said...

I'm as far as you, and I haven't thrown up either! I'm nauseated every second of the day, but no puking for me! Don't worry! Keep us posted on the outcome of today's visit! :)

Jamie said...

I wish you could find out if it is a boy or girl today. I am DYING to know.

How do people not find out the sex of the baby? How do you wait 9 months?

Please keep us updated!

Jenni said...

Mya- you will do great.. your little meatball is doing great as well..
That cyst is what your baby is thriving on- it probably won't completly go away or sometimes it will.. I had mine all the way through till the end.. it shrunk but it was always there - so no worries. :0) and I didn't get sick at all either- some people just don't- my boobs never hurt, I never got that darkening until he was ready to come out so hopefully at this point you will have a simple and easy pregnancy.. Except this HOT ass summer we have coming up ick.. hahah Can't wait to hear abt your Dr's appt.. YAY!!! :0)