Monday, April 13, 2009

For Jamie **UPDATED**

Old Couch:

New Couch:

No photos of Scott actually moving the couches, as I was too busy preparing to call 911 if it fell on him. I don't have any links as we did not purchase this couch. I have no idea what store it came from. After his mother passed away, Kenny moved into a smaller apartment, and did not have space for his mothers furniture. So we brought it to our house! Please ignore the ghetto-ness of the missing cushion cover. Its in the wash.

This was the living room before.

This is the journey the couches had to make. Yep, up and over the railing... Pin It


Jamie said...

I couldn't watch him do that. I would freak out way too much. That is a scary @ss fall.

The new couch looks good!