Monday, April 13, 2009

One thing they never tell you about being pregnant....

Or at least, no one really told me. Acne. Yuck.

My face looks like a teenagers. I have not been so broken out since I graduated high school. And here's the kicker... all that face wash, the scrubs, your exfoliant? You can't use it. It all has salicylic acid. I had to go through all of my various bottles and tubs, checking the ingredients. Yup. I can't use a single one. Argh.

So I called Aliza (you may remember her, she is an esthetician, and she recently started working out of Panache Salon - GO THERE!!!) and explained my dilemma. Lo and behold, NOTHING in her product line has the dreaded acid! So I headed on over, and picked up a bottle of the Yonka Gel cleaner on Saturday. I started using it last night, and I woke up this morning, and my skin was already better! I officially swear by this stuff! I like the gel, for my sometimes oily skin, but for those of you with dry, there is a milk based version as well, that is supposed to be heaven on your face!
Seriously, call Panache ((602) 678-5517‎) and make an appointment with Aliza today! She is offering 25% of your first facial right now! You know you want to!!!
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Lisa said...

Yep..I remeber my face breaking out BAD in the first tri. BUT low and behold I got that PG glow once I hit the second tri and my face/skin looked radiant!