Thursday, April 2, 2009

Socks seems to be improving!

His mood is much improved over the last couple of days. We have started "force feeding" him baby food (per the vet) so that he can get the calories and nutrients his little body so desperately needs while he recovers. We will do this until he starts to eat on his own again. He hates it. Absolutely hates it. And he stays mad at us for over an hour after each time. Its starting to make us laugh, as horrible as that is. But the fact that he's fighting, and trying to run away means he now has the energy to do so. He's feeling well enough to struggle. Earlier this week, and last weekend, he didn't do anything but lay around. He wouldn't even move if he threw up, poor baby. To see him sneaking away from us, and fighting the food is fabulous!

Keep the prayers coming! It is starting to look like he may actually pull through this! Pin It


Jamie said...

Sounds like great news!