Sunday, May 10, 2009

100th Post!

For real this time. :)

Happy Mothers Day!

I called today my "First Unofficial Mother's Day". The hubs and I went to the early morning showing of the new Star Trek with my family. Can I just say that movie was incredible?! It was soo good, I want to see it again already! After the movie we headed out to lunch.

Scott told me that for my Mothers Day present, I can have my diaper bag! This is very exciting news! Now I just need to choose which one I want. I know I want the Ju Ju Be BeTween, but I can't decide on a color! What do you think?

Here's the bag...

And here are the colors I like...

Cinnamon Champagne
Sienna Swirl:
Cherry Lemonade:

Citrus Sorbet: Pin It


Alicia said...

Cherry Lemonade!

Jenni said...

mm I don't know I'm gonna Say either the Red, or the Cherry lemonade.
Happy soon to be "Mother's Day".

Scott said...

Cinnamon Champagne. I don't like the cherry lemonade or the citrus sorbet, they remind me of old lady's dresses.

Katie said...

I like the Cherry Lemonade or the Citrus Sorbet.

Sara said...

I vote for cinnamon champagne... simply for the fact that Scott likes it too and will therfore be more likely to carry it himself. (Think: I have to carry the baby AND all his/her crap? I don't THINK SO!)

PeasOut said...

Sara, that is a very good point!