Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mexico Pictures!

Day one on the balcony.
Deciding whether or not to bare it on the beach..
I did it! Whoo-hoo!
Scott ATVing
Buying fireworks. (No, that isn't me in the background)
My bump vs his. I think I won.
Mmmm... Tacos.
Rockin' Scotts new aviators.
Mike and Alexus. She's a little drunk.
Did I mention the drinking?
They did a lot of drinking.
But we all had fun!
Even when nothing was going on. Lol.
Sunset from the balcony.
The last day. So tired. But sooo worth it!
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Samantha said...

Look at you, rockin' the baby belly! I love it!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

wow I want to go there! You look so much more pregnant than when you are wearing regular clothes. (Alexus looks like her mother when she is drunk)Glad you had a great time

PeasOut said...

lol. Thanks mom!