Friday, July 17, 2009

Debi - Pics! :)

I was putting all the photos we have of Debi together to give to the family for the slideshow at the ceremony, and I thought I would share! They are all from our wedding. Before I had a blog, I was horrible with taking photos!

Her family. husband Jon, daughters Madi and Kenzie
All the siblings. Debi, Scott, Tim, Dan.
The whole clan. (L to R) Madi, Marge, Kenzie, Debi, Jan, Me, Scott, Dave, Tim, Jon, and Toby.
Debi, me, my sister Anna.
Dan and Debi
All the bridal party. (L to R) Kristina, Aliza, Debi, me Alexus, Anna
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Lisa said...

So sorry for your loss Mya. She was so beautiful..and her one daughter looks just like her.