Friday, July 17, 2009

Interesting Comparison.

I wore one of my favorite shirts today. I wear it quite often, actually.
This is me at 14 weeks.
And here I am today at just over 23 weeks. Whoa! What a difference!
I went to Ikea with my mom, and got some (ok, A TON) of picture frames. I want to do a collage on the wall above the dresser in Websters room.
This wall. The whole wall. So I bought frames, and we laid them out on the floor. Scott and I cannot agree on the layout. I'm not going to tell you which is whose, but we each laid them out how we like them, and we took a picture. Which do you like better?
Option A
Option B
I should say that we are repainting the red and the blue to match the shades in the nursery, and all the natural frames will be painted black. We're really just voting on the layout now. I'll fill the frames with pictures from our honeymoon, our wedding, our family, our engagement session and vacations. Eventually there will be maternity photos in there too. I plan to mat some in white, and some with scrapbook paper that coordinates with the current decor. What do you think?
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Alyssa said...

I like B because it's still random but more overall rectangular. But I do like both. B more.

Patty said...

I like them both, but am going with Option B. It sits better with my OCD of having things symmetrical.

Oh and I can't believe how far along you are. Time is flying. You look beautiful in your "now" pic!

Anonymous said...

Hard to say the colors interfere with my perception but I would have to go with A Alan says A too

Samantha said...

I think I like Option B better, but just because it's more consolidated.

Samantha said...

Oh, and check out the contest I'm having on my blog!

Jenni said...

Okay I'm really loving that idea - which is funny because I told John that I want to redo our front entry wall to do pretty much the same thing!! I think its super cute!! HGTV gotta love them... Anyway-- I like option A and I have a feeling Scott is for Option B. Which is okay but I like A because its -mmm whats the word ... More dimensional looking?? or modern, mmm I can't seem to put my finger on the word.. anyway - My Vote is Option A!!! :0) and your prego belly is SOOOOO super cute and I hope youlike belly rubs because I will be rubbin when I see it next!! hahah

Katie said...

I've got to say option B. It's still random, but more clean I think.

Jamie said...

I agree with Katie. W/ option B, there are a few straight lines that tie the frames together. Although, Option A is pretty cool looking. I like the variety.

Overall, they both work and will look great on the wall.

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Option B sucks!!!

PeasOut said...

Thank you anonymous ::coughs:: scott ::coughs:: for your oh so very descriptive opinion! ;)