Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cupcake Swap! - With Pics!!!!

Yesterday I went to my first cupcake swap! It was so neat, and the cupcakes were all so yummy! The deal was, everyone had to bring 30 cupcakes. Well, over 30 people came, so we had well over 1000 cupcakes! Needless to say, I had some leftovers to share with Scott.

A lot of the Latte girls were there (We missed you Stacey, Lisas and Jamie!). From L to R.

Jaye, Susie, Amber ( also called Ambie), Ashley, ME!, Patty, Katie, Jenni, Kristin (our hostess with the mostess!) and Macy!

We had an absolute blast and the girls spent some time trying to guess Websters real name. It was fun. I have photos of the smorgasborg, but its Sunday, and I'm lazy. I'll get them up later.
The Bounty:

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Tory said...

That's awesome Mya! My girl friends and I are having a cupcake decorating get-together today... great minds think alike. Are those sunflowers in the basket? MacKenzie made those last weekend - so pretty!!

Samantha said...

OMG. I about died when I saw the name of this post. That sounds heavenly!!!

Patty said...

Ok I have Webster's real name narrowed down to two... I will figure this out :)

Thanks again for the ride home!

MissFoxxy said...

I had SUCH a blast and am soooo glad all you girls came! We will need to plot the next sweets exchange :)