Monday, September 21, 2009

Bon Voyage!!

My sister is off to see the world!

Her plane left this morning, heading to England! She'll be in and around London until just after Christmas, and then its off to Paris!

She'll be in Paris from January to August or September I think. Just think, by the time she gets home, Webster may be walking!

Good luck Anna!!! You're going to do fantastic things!

You can follow her adventures here. Pin It


Jenni said...

WOW Thats awesome!! Is she backpacking? or is that considered that? How fun, exciting and scary all that same time. Good luck to her!!

PeasOut said...

Its a back to back semester abroad through a program at her college. So she'll be going to school. I'm sure she will end up backpacking all over as often as she can!

Jamie said...

She will have so many memories and have a fantastic time.

I really wish I did that!