Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hormonal Freak Out #1

Last night I had my first official pregnancy induced hormonal breakdown. At least I think it was my first.

I'll start with a little back story.
  • We just switched from cable to Dish Network. I haven't had time to really play with it yet. I know what it can do, I just have no idea how to do it! Monday night I asked Scott to help me figure out how to set my shows to record (One Tree Hill, Fringe, Bones, SYTYCD etc) because I couldn't figure out how to get to a future date in the guide. He said he didn't know, and that was that.
  • Our dear friends are getting married next month, and their shower is this weekend. I am making the cookie favors. Which is a 3 step (day) process. My husband was awesome enough to go to the store for me last night, even though he was stuck at work late, to get all the cookie fixings. So I was able to make (and chill) the dough.
  • Its now football season. I hate football. I hate fantasy football. I hate football. 'Nuff said.
  • Unbeknownst to me, One Tree Hill premiered last night, at 7 pm.

The following is my hormonal craziness. yes I know it isn't rational, but this is what I was thinking last night.

Ok, so Scott got stuck at work, and then went to the grocery store, so I wasn't able to start the dough until he got home, which was around 6:30ish. It was almost 7 by the time everything got put away, and it was after 7 before I could start baking. Dough making did not go very well. I was halfway done when I realized I needed to make a DOUBLE batch, and had to quick add the extra ingredients before I got too far along. I made a big mess, and dirtied a lot of dishes. Which didn't please me. It was right aroung 7:40 by the time I got upstairs to join Scott in dinner and tv. Football was on.

I asked if I could see the remote (not to change the channel, but to see if any of my shows were on). Low and behold, One Tree Hill only had 20 minutes remaining. I checked the "info" in vain hopes that it was a repeat of the finale, and not the premier. Oh no. No such luck. So I start to get agitated. Scott says "You know, you can watch it on Hulu..." while he is ON THE LAPTOP playing FANTASY FOOTBALL while WATCHING FOOTBALL ON THE TV. So I sit and press the arrow to the right one half an hour at a time to see when my other shows are on, and make sure they are set to record. This takes a good 20 minutes, so Scott says I can change the channel if I want. At this point, THERE IS NOTHING I WANT TO WATCH anymore! We have 14.7 trillion channels, and there was nothing on. Scott finishes on the laptop, and passes it to me. I do my usual facebook hoopla, check the bump and the latte boards (I didn't want to fight to hear Hulu over the football game).

Another 15-20 minutes has gone by, and I decide "F it. I missed my show for this stupid game, I'm gonna watch it now". Hulu here I come! DENIED. Hulu only has One Tree Hill episodes from SEASON ONE!!! Get with the program Hulu! Thats like 6 YEARS behind!!! Hulu - FAIL. So I try I know I watched Heroes and stuff on there before. DENIED yet again. They only provide "Episode Recaps" in PARAGRAPH form! I don't want to READ ABOUT THE PREMIERE!!! I WANT TO WATCH IT! I start to (well, think about) cry. "Why are you crying?" he says (trying not to laugh). "WHY!? Because (insert bad word here) HULU doesn't have any One Tree Hill, and I can't watch it on the (heres that bad word again) network either. There is football on in my house and I AM (one last time I swear) PREGNANT!! THATS WHY!!"

At this point, I slam the laptop shut, use some profanity, and announce that I am going to bed. It's now 8:30. Scotts calling after me "I'm not watching it, you can change it!" HELLO?! Where have you been? It's not about the stupid FOOTBALL!!! "It's too late. I misssed it. I'll never get to see it ever again." I get to the kitchen and see the giant mess I left myself. So I do what any sane person would do and wash all the dishes. I should be honest here. I opened the door to the empty dishwasher, and proceeded to HAND WASH all the dishes and leave them in a pile on the counter. Not 6 inches from where they sat dirty. In a pile. Because thats the way you clean.

I spent the next hour laying in bed with my Sudoku book, listing the ways that it was all Scotts fault. If he hadn't been stuck at work, or he hadn't taken so long at the grocery store, I would have been done in time to watch it. If he hadn't had the football game on, I wouldn't have been distracted by all the loud yelling and I wouldn't have screwed up the dough and had to rush to fix it, and I would've been done in time. If he had just done what I asked him to do on Monday and even ATTEMPTED to help me set the DVR, it would have been recorded and none of this would have been an issue. Hmmph. See? It's all his fault. Lets just ignore all the rational statements I made at the start of this blog, and blame it all on Scott.

So that was my very hormonal evening. And, no, I still haven't watched it. So don't talk to me about how awesome it was, ok? :)

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Jamie said...

Sounds like a ridicules bad night. I don't think you have to be pg or hormonal to have a bad night. One bad thing gets piled onto another and another. All of a sudden, you are crying over something small.

I'm sorry. I hope someone recorded it on their TiVo or the network will replay it.

Samantha said...

Awww, hun, I'm so sorry! I totally forgot it was premiering last night too, and we had a "Meet the Doctors" social at the hospital! I didn't realize all the premieres were starting already and I haven't set up my DVR's yet either. I just checked mine, and luckily some of my shows from last year were still programmed. I have OTH on there!!! When I watch it, do you want me to record it onto a VHS tape (sorry, totally old school) and mail it to you? I totally would and don't mind. I am a fanatic about not missing episodes of my fav shows. Let me know!

PeasOut said...

Thanks Samanatha, but I don't even have a VHS player anymore. lol If we hadn't just switched to the satellite, mine still would have been programmed too!

Scott said that he will find it for me, no matter what. :)

anna said...

not sure if you've watched it yet, but here is a link.

next time, just try they have EVERYTHING

leigh said...

remind me in 6 months of this so i don't feel bad because thats how i'll be acting ;) Hope you get to "normal" and better soon!! and remember, men don't get it!!

PeasOut said...

OMG Sister! You are the best!! Thank you!! I'll watch it tonight!