Saturday, October 10, 2009

New 'Do

I was feeling a little stir crazy regarding my hair. I was thinking about it, and realistically, we will not have room in the budget for professional color after Webster gets here. Sooo... I figured a splurge was in order!

I went to see Brandi at Salon Surreal (who I LOVE by the way!!) and told her "I'm bored! Keep the length, I need new color, but stay away from blondes! Me and blonde do not mix!" And this is what she gave me.

She added some layers (mainly to the front and sides) and a few foils of a red I LOVE to the top, to the sides, and to my bangs. Which I think is a pretty good balance of the dark and the red. It's enough that it gives it some character, but isn't overwhelmingly RED either.
What do you think?
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Stacey said...

Very cute! I love the red!

Lisa said...

Love it!! Looks so good on you!

Samantha said...

Love it! Looks great. :)

MissFoxxy said...

Super cute!!!
I totally used to go to Salon Surreal!!!