Thursday, November 12, 2009

2 Weeks

Well, today we hit two weeks! Very exciting stuff going on! We both had our 2 week check ups yesterday, and it was good news all around! (I will add pics as soon as I can take some!)

First, Wyatt:
  • Weight - 7 lbs 10 oz, which means he has passed his birthweight (7lbs6oz)! Which is fantastic, especially since we're exclusively breastfeeding (from here on out, thats what EBF means. way too much to type!!)
  • His cord has fallen of, and just in time too! Newborn photos with Kacy are on Monday, and I'd rather he look as much like a human (not an alien) as possible.
  • Dr.S says his circ looks perfect, and not to worry about it!
And Me.

  • Weight: No change (still 123) this week. Which makes sense as I have replaced my neverending thirst for water with the Pepsi I was denied for 9 months. I think that will be weightloss trick #1 - No More Soda!!!
  • The lab results came in from the blood work they did on my placenta (to figure out why I had such a high fever) and it came back positive for chorioamnionitis. Which I guess doesn't really mean anything. I asked if it was something I would need to be concerned about for future pregnancies, and Dr. D said no. Only if I develop a fever during labor again, then I can tell them I have had chorio in the past. but basically its just a random infection.
  • My stitches look great. I had been worried, since I wasn't doing the sitz baths as directed, and then when I did do them, my downstairs hurt more than when I didn't! So much for the promised relief! So of course I haven't been doing them (I am a firm believer in if it hurts, don't do it!), and I was nervous that it was going to have a negative impact on my stitches. But Dr. D said to just forget about it! So no more sitz baths for me!
I'm starting to be a little stir crazy around the house. I am not a home body. I like to be out, getting things done! Scott has been fantastic about giving me some "me" time out of the house (in 2 hour increments, of course) on the weekends, but that still leaves me with 5 days of nothing but sitting at home! I'm giving this 2 more week of seclusion, and then I am done! I can't take it! I don't feel like me. I certainly don't want to put Wyatt at risk for anything, but I feel like I will explode if I do this for very much longer!

I am also starting to think about pumping to build a stash of breastmilk (BM) for later use. There are some events coming up in another month or so (mainly Christmas parties) that I would like to attend and possibly even drink at. If we were able to give Wyatt to a grandparent for the evening with a supply of BM to bottle feed, that woud be perfect! He'll be right about 6 weeks old, so I don't think it'll be too soon to start introducing a bottle, do you? I also have to be aware that I will be heading back to work, and I really want to continue to EBF. My ultimate goal is 12 months nursing, then finishing off the frozen supply. I haven't decided if I still want to pump and only bottle feed, or just switch to cows milk at that point. Either way, I will need a pretty decent supply of BM frozen in case I can't maintain my active supply through pumping at work. Did any of you EBF and pump? Any suggestions for me?

While we're at it, lets talk about fitness. I feel like I am SOCLOSE to losing all the weight I gained during the pregnancy, but I am not happy with the way it all fits together now. I would love to tighten my tummy back up, and my thighs and rear end could use a trim down as well. I was planning on getting the 30 Day Shred (and its still on my short list) but I'm wondering what everyone else is doing to keep their body trim and bikini ready? Pin It


Jamie said...

Sounds like everyone is doing well! If you want to drive....I would love some company for lunch!

Lisa said...

As far as your body goes...I would def. give it some more time. Things are def. still shifting from pgncy, but in the future any resistance training or weight training will be your best bet to tighten up! Use can use things around the the house...lik eyour stairs!!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that some women just keep on extra weight for breastfeeding. Keep an eye on your supply dropping to see if you are doing too much. And don't be surprised if you get to your pre-pregnancy weight and nothing body changes during pregnancy. Not that I should talk...still holding on to 10 pounds 14 months after Katelyn.
-Stephanie H.