Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here's some eye candy for you!

I don't post nearly enough pictures, so here are some from tummy time today! I can't believe how big he is getting!

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Jenni said...

He is to cute and those cheeks are just so cute I want to squeeze em.. :0)
All these lil ones around you guys are seriously giving me the baby fever, it needs to sat at bay for at least 6 more months.. eeeks.
anyway - keep sharing those pics.

Lensa said...

He is adorable Mya. and I see he is liking his tummy time a lil more now, Hosanna can't really laugh at him for it now :)

Amber and Brian said...

so cute! He's got a blue steel pose going on in that second pic!

Jaye said...

Mya, I love him! He's too adorable!

Lisa said...

He IS getting big!! Such a cute pie!!

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I cannot believe how big he is getting!! And he is so flippin cute!