Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time Flies

I can't believe how big my son has gotten! I see him everyday, and it seems he is literally growing each and everyday.

He is starting to think about rolling over (back to tummy!) and he is starting to enjoy the jumperoo. He is all smiles all the time, and has rocked tummy time so hard it isn't even an issue. He is wearing cloth diapers pretty much full time now (except for nights, and if we run out before I get a chance to do laundry), and is starting to grow out of his 3 month clothing. He has figured out how to get a finger in his mouth to self soothe in a way, and he eats like crazy!

But I think back to three months ago, when he was just so tiny in my arms, and it seems like only a minute has passed. Pin It


Lisa said...

I swear Miss M is bigger every is scary how fast they grow, and it doesnt stop! I mean I have a almost 6 year old for gods sake. Craziness!