Friday, January 15, 2010


Can I just say it's been one of those days?

It started out WONDERFULLY with a trip to see Lisa and her little Miss M! She is sooo adorable, and just itty bitty! We joke that she and Wyatt are BFF ;). We went to lunch (all 5 of us!) and I got to share Lisa's first trip out with both of her daughters.

Then we went and hung out at Wyatts daycare and taught his teachers how to use cloth diapers. Can I talk for a moment about how much I love our daycare? Cause I do. :)

Then however, my day started to turn. With all the excitement of the morning, my little man didn't nap. He had about 45 minutes all day long. So by 4 he was starting to lose it. Somewhere in all of this I hurt my hand, I still have no idea how... Oh, and I ripped the seat of the only pre pregnancy jeans that fit. Le sigh.

So yeah, just one of those days... Pin It