Saturday, June 12, 2010

Make overs

We've all tried it. Done a google search for virtual makeovers. Not very promising results, were they? I don't know about you, but I'm cheap. I have zero desire to pay for a membership to see what my hair could look like. The free sites are even worse! Either you don't get to upload your own pic and the models they habe NEVER look like you, or they only let you view 5 styles before you have to pay for a membership. Lame, I say. Lame. Friends, I have found the solution! Let me introduce you to

This is by far the coolest website I have ever found. Yes, you have to sign up to use it, but its free and they have yet to send me anything at all. So I don't mind the membership.

I started with this photo (hideous, I know, but this was the most natural one I had with my hair back ok? And no making fun, the point is to show the dramatic make over. I can't believe I'm posting this.)

And after adding some makep, eyebrow shaping, bronzer and whitening my teeth, I got this.

It'a amazing what a little makep will do! Lets try some hair styles now. Here's pretty much what I have now. Although the bangs are more sideswept now.

This by the way is Scott's least favorite of the options. Thanks babe.

Moving on, here are my favorites of the make overs I created. I no particular order, the numbers are the order they were created in.

So, now I can't decide! I know I need a haircut, and I think I'm ready for a change! What do you think, blogosphere? Which is your favorite?

I'm adding a poll to my sidebar! Lets see which one wins!
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Jaye said...

FOUR! That look will be FAB on you!

Katie said...

I love 4 and 5!

Samantha said...

I really like #5!!! Very hot mama!

Lensa said...

#5 for sure!