Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So behind!

I am offically so behind in blogging that I don't know where to start. Has that ever happened to you? There are soo many things I want to share, but I don't have time/energy/desire or even words to put them all in one massive post, so instead I post nothing. Well, that ends today.  Where do begin...

Oh yeah! A car drove through the side of my house.

No really, it did.

No, we don't live on a busy street or on a corner.

And no, the driver wasn't drunk.

Still don't believe me?

So, here's how it all went down.

Remember how I started a new job? No? Oh, thats right. I haven't blogged about that yet (see why its taken me so long to post? Even the beginning isn't really the beginning!) so you don't know. Ok. I'll tell you. I started a new job. More on that later.

SO at this new job they are VERY strict on cell phone use. Like I got "spoken to" for checking the time too many times. So my cell stays on silent in my purse inside my drawer all day, unless I'm on break. Scott didn't have the number for the office (and to be honest, neither did I - I had only been there a week!). The alarm company called him while he was out of town for work saying that the alarm had been triggered and would he like them to call the police? UMM YES?! In the meantime, Scott called me 6 times and sent 3 texts. He also started calling every.single.person who might have at one point ever had a key to our house since he couldn't reach me. He got a hold of my dad, told him the situation, and asked if he wouldn't mind heading over to check it out. After he got there he called Scott and said "Well, there's a car halfway through your house." WHAT? Scott googled my company name and was able to call the office to let me know what was going on. I obviously left work as soon as I could and headed home. The police were still there, and they gave me a rundown.

The driver (we'll call him Jack. As in Jackass.) was not the owner. The owner (we'll call her Stu. As in stupid) was the passenger and there was a third man (thus dubbed Forrest. As in run, Forrest, run) in the back seat. By the time I got there, Stu was the only one of the three still there. Stu said that she didn't know Jack and Forrest, that she was at Circle K down the road, and they tried to steal her car. Uh-huh. So you just jumped in the passenger seat and figured you'd enjoy the ride? Right. Anyway, Jack left but not before my neighbor got a camera phone video of Jacks face that he showed the police (yeah for technology!). After a little while Stu admitted that yes, she knew them. They had been to her apt a couple times. They had just left Circle K where they were buying some beer, which they hadn't drank yet. Oh yeah. Forrest? All I know about Forrest is he was described as an older man (mid fifties?) and as soon as the car crashed, he GRABBED THE BEER and took off. Never to be seen or heard from again.

When the officers arrived on scene, one cruiser got the description of Jack (mid twenties, in a brown jacket with black lettering), and started driving around the neighborhood. He spots a man in his mid twenties tossing a brown jacket over the fence into someones back yard. He then proceeds to jump another fence into the yard of an abandoned house and STARTS PULLING WEEDS. When the officer asked him if he knew anything about the accident down the street Jack says "I wasn't in an accident. I mean, I saw it, but I just kept walking". Thanks to the video and Stu realizing that she shouldn't protect him they were able to ID him. When they ran his name, it turns out some detectives at the station wanted to talk to him about another matter. I am an Internet Super Slueth and a quick search revealed that our Jack was released from prison for multiple felonies in April. Hello, parole violations! Back to jail you go!

We are very lucky. Well, yes. Unlucky in that Jack drove a car through the side of our house, but very lucky in the way it all worked out. Stu has insurance. Crappy insurance, but insurance nonetheless. We have insurance. More insurance than we even knew we had. Our condo is a duplex, which means that strucural insurance is built into our HOA. We also have our own policy that covers everything else. I don't know if you noticed, but that is the wall of our garage, and yes you can see the tires of Scotts car through the hole. The damage done? Dented fender, scratched paint and a cracked tail light. Could have been so much worse. Had they gone six inches to the right, the would have plowed through the air conditioner and the portion of the house that is stucco. When you patch stucco it always looks patched. There is no way to match the pattern. As it is they went through the stone veneer, so all they have to do is order more stones. Six inches to the left they would have gone through the front door and into our bedroom, and we wouldn't have been able to secure the house. Where the hole is now, all you can get access to is the garage, and we are still able to set the alarm (so creepy people who were thinking about breaking in via the hole in the wall, good luck).

Most of all, we are very lucky that no one got hurt. Jack, Stu and Forrest are just fine. Our dogs were upstairs in their kennels, so they were freaked out by all the noise, but otherwise unharmed. No one else was home.

And that is the story of the hole in my house. I'll leave you with some cuteness to tide you over until next time.

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Tory said...

OMG Mya! I'm so glad everyone is ok... You need to get us all caught up! I want to hear about your new job! :-)

Sara said...

Oh hi Wyatt!

I have gotten stuck in the blog time suck that keeps you from posting because there's so much to post! (My Post to end that was titled This Blog Sucks :) though.) Good start getting out of it!

Ashley said...

That is unbelievable! I'm so glad that no one was hurt!
What an interesting post to start catching up on blogging with!

Katie said...

Wow! That is a crazy story!

Jamie said...

I am so glad it wasn't worse that it was. Crazy story!

Samantha said...

I hear you on being so behind in blogging. I haven't stayed up-to-date with mine since I was pregnant! I post the occasional picture (and only b/c I can do it from my phone!), but otherwise I am so lazy. :(