Sunday, October 24, 2010

First Birthday Party!

Yesterday we had Wyatts first birthday party. His actual birthday isn't until next week, but as its Halloween weekend, and my birthday too, this just seemed way easier!

We rented a ramada at a local park, and I couldn't had asked for a better place. There was a huge playground with 3 or 4 different sections close enough that parents could watch the older kids play from the tables, and we had a u-shaped counter and 2 grills. Perfect for our BBQ!

Wyatt didn't really know what to do with his smash cake.

Then we showed him what to do... you know, dig in with both hands? He did much better then.

But I guess he has an inner neat-freak that we didn't know about, because he preferred the fork.

But the fork didn't stop him from getting it all over himself!

And trying to share the mess.
All in all we had a great time! We were so thankfull that the day was gorgeous, and so many of our friends and family were able to come out and join the fun!

And who is this? I think I see some bloggers!

There's Jamie, Jaye, Katie and of course Lisa!

Sadly, the battery to my camera was left at home, so all I have are the pictures taken by others. On that note, if you snapped any, please email them to me!
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Julie said...

OH my gosh, how can he be one already? Happy (slightly early) birthday to Wyatt! It looks like you had a great day! :)

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt! Looks like he had a great time.